Python + AWS Developer

Python Java C++ AWS

Job Description


Orion eSolutions is a Custom Software Development and DevOps Consulting Company in Canada enabling businesses to operate through digital transformation. At Orion, we have in-house team of 160+ Custom Software, App Developers, Certified Cloud & DevOps Engineers. As a team, we are fully committed to help our customers in transforming their vision into scalable and efficient product. Over the last 10 years, Orion has worked with a lot of well funded start ups and Fortune 500 companies in building the digital products for them. We are looking for a full time Online Bidder who carries a relevant experience in selling the IT Services especially fixed price projects for the Small and Medium businesses in North America. The person will be supplied with actual case studies and our marketing material to get on-boarded with our strategies. The person is responsible to follow annual sales goals set for the company and works towards achieving them with the help of company's leadership team in Toronto. The job is based on setting up a strategy to find new prospects and sales leads and converting them into paid users or customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Application development using python, AWS lambda, SNS, AWS Aurora database
  • Deep understanding of application development using advance python programming and object oriented concepts
  • ORM tools knowledge, preferably SQL alchemy
  • GraphQL, API authentication, performance management, and internationalization
  • Working in SCRUM team, using GIT and branching mechanisms
  • Years of experience- 6+ years